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Who are we ?

« Needless to say we laughed like crazy people »
Francis Poulenc on his Double Concerto with Jacques Février

Founded by a small team of enthusiasts around an internationally renowned piano duo, the Berlinskaia-Ancelle Duo, the Piano-Piano Association aims to promote and highlight 2-pianos and 4-hands and their derivatives.

Despite the popularity of this genre, both among amateurs and professionals, the number of events dedicated to this genre in the world can be counted on the fingers of one hand.
However, from Bach to Glass, via Mozart, Chopin, Debussy and Rachmaninoff, all the greatest composers have tried their hand at the genre, signing timeless masterpieces, defended by the greatest performers!

The Association carries out a multiple project bringing together :

  • an international festival, showcase of the global project, the Rungis Piano-Piano Festival Rungis Piano-Piano Festival
  • an educational project, masterclass and collaboration with music education establishments and festivals
  • a participatory database project of this repertoire, a sort of wikipedia of 2 pianos / 4 hands
  • an international competition, for increased visibility and opportunities for young duos commissioning and publishing projects
  • commands and editing projects
  • discographic projects
  • a sheet music collection

The Rungis Piano-Piano Festival is the first festival dedicated to piano duo in France.

The piano duo is a genre that deserves to be discovered. Like the string quartet, the trio and other chamber music formations, playing with four hands and two pianos offers truly extraordinary and unique musical and sound possibilities.

Playing together is a joy. As musicians we know how much sharing a score is synonymous with conviviality, fun, complicity. While keeping his own personality, each musician opens up to the other, progresses in order to build a common, intellectual and sensitive vision of the work.
A fortiori when the instrument is the same; the pianist must reinvent himself technically to both keep his uniqueness and blend in with the sound of his partner.

The public is the witness ?: the complicity of the duo of pianists is a pleasure to observe and listen to. The dialogue that is created between the two artists, between the two instruments, is a discussion between equals. Sharing this intimacy with the public opens up moments that are inevitably full of emotions.

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